The problem of enterprise patching

A colleague was talking to me yesterday about his recent experience in implementing Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) for a customer. He is using the System Center Updates Publisher (SCUP) to deliver Dell firmware and software to clients. This got me thinking again about the best tools to use for keeping your non-Microsoft software up to date.

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Citrix: Off your Trolley Express

Until recently it has been possible to automate the installation of most software on a Windows computer using Group Policy. Group Policy is a standard component of a Windows domain and so there is no additional cost. Starting with version 11.2 Citrix no longer recommend using Group Policy to install the Citrix Online plug-in. Are they off their trolley?

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Windows 7 Deployment Part 6

Importing a block of drivers into an image takes quite a bit of time. This is not important before deployment, but during deployment it can add many minutes to the imaging process. During deployment you really want a process to inspect the target computer and obtain just the drivers required for it. For this we need specialist tools. Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2010 does this. It is interesting to see how it does it.

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